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Have you already landed? Great! Now follow the Helper, so you can claim your very own plot from Lando.

What is a home plot?[]

Home plot is your own plot that you claim from Lando at the very beginning of the game. You can choose the place on the island that suits you the best. Don't worry about the water or the trees, once you purchase the plot, everything will be yours and you'll be able to change the settings according to your wishes.

You can choose from 3 types of the plots:

  • Coastal
    • Enjoy the beautiful white farm house with 9 more items that will make your plot feel like Santorini!
  • Urban
    • Are you more of a city person? Then the urban-styled plot offering a Street Vendor Stand and other urban items will make you feel at home!
  • Nature
    • For all the nature lovers, the nature-styled plot offers everything for a great relaxing stay! Enjoy the flowers and all the items that you'll get by default with this unique plot style.
Home plots

Hurry up! Pick your favorite plot style and let's find out the perfect place for your future home!