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Lando is the first one of the Keepers that you'll meet on the Lost Islands. In the real world, you would call him a Real Estate Agent. Lando is calm and peaceful, it's good that he's the one who helps you to get the home plot!

As soon as you meet him, he's willing to explain you how the plots work and what are the other options - for example, renting the Party Islands or expanding your home plot. You can visit him whenever you want, he's always available.

Lando's offer[]

Home plot[]

At first, you choose your home plot. You can choose from three styles of the home plots. As soon as you choose, a bus will come, take you to the island and you'll get to choose the best place for your home plot.

Party Islands[]

This sounds almost unbelievable, but yes - you can rent Party Islands for you and your friends! Wanna know more? Check the Party Islands section of this wiki to see, what you get when you decide to organize the best party out there!

Plot Expansions[]

Need more space in your home plot? All of us do! So let's wait until this feature will be available. 🤩