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Getting blueprints, harvesting sufficient amounts of resources and crafting might be sometimes too much time-consuming. And here comes the in-game shop offering great deals!

What can you find in the shop?[]

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There are a few sections of the shop, let's look at them together:

Content Packs[]

Content Packs contain a mixture of various items that will come in handy when building and styling. For example, in the House Collection Set, you can find various house blocks, roofs, windows and doors at a great price right away. Build, style and decorate with no further waiting!

House Block Props[]

House Block Props come in handy if you are short of windows and doors on your great castle-like house. In these packs, you can find windows and doors that fit any types of housing!


Money, money, money...must be the richmen's world! (ABBA, Money, Money, Money)

This is your richmen's world! There are many ways to get more mushcoins, The Banker would tell you! But if you need some right away, this is the place where you can get them with no further questions and limitations :) You can choose any pack according to your wishes!