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All the resources need to be stored, huh? And now explorer, look at your back and see what you're wearing there - yeah, it's a backpack! Now let's look how it works and how you can store all your resources that come in handy...


You can open your backpack after you click on the icon of the backpack and then select resources:

Backpack resources

Your backpack is the immediate place where the resources are stored right after you collect them in the game (grass, wood, clay, copper, etc.).

Backpack capacity[]

The maximum capacity of your backpack is 400. It is divided into 20 stacks, each having the capacity of 20 for one type of material (20 stacks x 20 materials = 400), 10 stacks on the first page and another 10 stacks on the second page (10 stacks + 10 stacks = 20 stacks):

Stacks backpack

Each stack consists of only one type of material - this means that if you collect 5x grass, it will go to stack 1, showing 5x grass and if you then collect 7x copper, it will go to stack 2, showing 5x grass in stack 1 and 7x copper in stack 2.

Another example: Imagine that 19 stacks are full of materials in your backpack (20 pieces of materials in all 19 stacks) and there are only 5x grass in the 20th stack. If you try to collect 3x copper, you'll get the message "My backpack is full", even though your backpack will be showing the capacity of 385/400. This is because the 20th stack (which is the only one being at 5/20) contains grass and you cannot add 3x copper to 5x grass. But you can still collect 15x more grass to fill the stack and make it 400/400:


If you just found a great material to harvest and you don't want to miss the chance of getting it right away, you can still remove any materials from your backpack that you don't need at that moment. Just tap on the stack of the unwanted material and slide it to the world:

Removing resources

Storage Chest[]

Have you found fantastic resources, but all the ones that are in your backpack are important and you don't want to get rid of any of them? Here comes the great opportunity to use the Storage Chest!

Storage Chest allows you to store 800 pieces of materials, however, these won't be available anywhere and anytime as in the backpack, but they will be stored in the Storage Chest at your home plot or in your house (you decide where to place it!).

This is how the Storage Chest looks like:

UI Storage Icon

As soon as you place it anywhere on your home plot, you can use it! You can either slide the desired materials from your backpack to the storage or you can move all the resources from your backpack to the Storage Chest. Also, you can trash selected materials either from your Storage Chest or from your backpack by sliding them to the trash bin:

Storage functions