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Oh yeah, this is a sandbox game and this means you're here to show your style! You surely don't want to have the same plot as your neighbor... And here comes the styling station that will help you to customize your crafted objects:

Styling machine

Styling station - options[]

Let's open the styling station and see what we can craft:


Textures can be used to customize for example the shape blocks.

Do you want to have wooden stairs? Follow these steps:

  1. Craft stairs (shape block) using your Crafting Station.
  2. Harvest enough maple wood.
  3. Open the Styling Station, select the "textures", then the "TEXTURE WOOD PLANK" and tap on the button "CRAFT":

Styling textures

Now let's customize the stairs:

  1. Place the stairs where you want to have them in your plot.
  2. Tap on the paint-palette icon under your backpack: Icon PersonalisePanel Colors 02
  3. Select the "textures" option: Icon PersonalisePanel 02
  4. Tap on your "wood plank" texture and then tap on the stairs! Voilà, you have wooden stairs!


You can use your Styling Station to craft paints, too! You can then use them to paint for example your house. Have you ever dreamed of having a purple house? Now your dream is about to come true! Hurry up and craft the paints, then use them the same way as the textures :)


Thanks to the styling, you can make your plot and creations truly yours. Just click on the paint-palette icon and select from the various options:

Door icon

If you click on the "door" icon, you'll see all the doors and windows available that you can place on your houses and buildings.

Icon PaintBrush

If you click on the pink "paint brush" icon, you'll see all the paints available that you can use to paint your houses and buildings.

Icon PersonalisePanel 02

If you click on the "textures" icon, you'll see all the textures available that you can use to customize the shape blocks, etc.


Are you unsatisfied with the final design of the object that you've styled? No worries! You can find an eraser at the beginning of each section of the styling options (doors/windows, paints and textures).

Tap on the eraser and then tap on the object, from which you wish to remove the additional style: Eraser