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The Blueprint Merchant is one of the most important Keepers on the Lost Islands. He has an eye for design and he loves to see his blueprints being brought to life by the Explorers. Moreover, he enjoys seeing Explorers' further customized designs!

So what are the blueprints? These are the primary plans that you'll need for crafting an item. The Crafting Station isn't one of those modern machines, it needs blueprints in order to be able to craft desired objects. And you can purchase these from The Blueprint Merchant!

Types of Blueprints[]

The blueprints are divided into various types, based on their functionality:

Fun Blocks[]

Thanks to the fun blocks, you'll be able to create really playful plot. Also, you can use these to create your own game - and so easily!

Shape Blocks[]

Shape Blocks are perhaps the most interesting blocks - you can put them together to create awesome architecture. There are slabs, slopes, stairs, pillars, cylinders and so many more! And don't forget to style them before you use them!

Stylable House Blocks[]

House Blocks are blocks, thanks to which you'll be able to create houses according to your wish. Put two house blocks together to create bigger house, put three house blocks together and the house will be even bigger. Just experiment, play and design!


Build, design and decorate - and yes, the last one couldn't be completed without blueprints for decorations. You can find all types of decorations that you've ever dreamed of - even a cooler and a boiler! And we keep working on so many more... Do you have any suggestion on a new blueprint? Let us know on our social media!